Groom Survival Kits - Best Man or Groomsmen Gift


Groomsman Survival Kits


These adorable and fun burlap groomsman survival kits are the perfect way to say Thanks to those guys in your party who are going to be standing up with you on your special day. While one would hope that one’s wedding day would be perfect in every way, sometimes there are a few snags here and there. Thankfully, you thought ahead and prepared a fun and thoughtful survival kit to help your groomsman make it through!

Hair Gel, Deodorant, Shout, Chewing Gum, Tissues and a Comb are all good items to include to help your guys "guys" throughout the day, so they can focus on what really matters: you and your groom.

These rustic burlap survival kit include 1 burlap bag with a Thank You tag attached, a packet of tissues, Stain Remover, Chewing Gum, hair gel, deodorant, comb and a cute scroll that says:

"This bridal party survival kit was made just for you, So you can be cared for the whole day through. There’s gel included for your hair just in case, And a comb to get it back in its place. There is Shout if something makes a big mess, And chewing gum to help your breath smell much less. There's a pack of tissues in case you should cry, And deodorant included to keep you all dry. I've put everything in this handy pack, So you'll know that this bride always has your back! I hope this kit helps you and brings you some glee, It’s just a little Thanks from the Bride-to-be."

The last photo shows what is included, brand names will vary depending upon availability.